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Terms of Delivery


Will Call is defined as an order of goods that are received by the buyer or an assigned third party at a Fullriver Battery USA warehouse location. Once the goods are ready for delivery, the risk passes and all costs associated with the transport are borne by the buyer. It is the buyer’s responsibility to notify us at the time of order if they wish to will call their orders.

The buyer is obligated to acquire the products from the order in a reasonable time frame. If the order is not acquired from our warehouse in due time, Fullriver is entitled to choose the means of transportation to the destination or cancel the order and charge a return to stock fee.



Delivery is defined as, goods that are prepared and delivered to a destination specified by the buyer. All deliveries will be arranged by Fullriver Battery USA on behalf of the customer. Costs associated with the delivery will be added to the final invoice and billed to the customer. If the delivery is delayed, Fullriver Battery USA is obligated to inform the buyer of the delay. The buyer cannot put forward any claims, including economical claims, against Fullriver Battery USA due to the delay, but the buyer is entitled to cancel the purchase if the delay is more than 60 days from the agreed delivery date. However, the buyer is not entitled to cancel the purchase if the delay is due to force majeure, the buyer’s fault, or the carrier’s fault. If the buyer does not take delivery at the agreed delivery date, including breach of the obligation to collect the goods, Fullriver Battery is entitled to terminate the agreement and claim damages. Furthermore, Fullriver Battery USA is entitled to resell or store the goods at the buyer’s risk and expense. Return of goods and packaging can only take place by prior written agreement, and only with an applied Fullriver Battery USA return order number and will be at the buyer’s expense. Pallets, boxes, or other packaging, which are charged separately, will not be credited.



No cancellation on orders for non-stock items. If you placed an order and wish to cancel, call us immediately during business hours. (8:30 AM - 5:00 PM PST, Monday thru Friday) or e-mail us at We will make every attempt to stop the shipment before it leaves the warehouse. Once shipped, however, regular Returned Merchandise policies will apply.

Incorrect Shipments - If you should receive product(s) not expressly ordered as the result of either our shipping error or incorrect website information, the product will be picked up by our shipper and replacements shipped at no additional charge. Please report all incorrect shipments to us within 48 hours of receipt.

Cancelled orders may be subject to a “return to stock” fee if the order is already staged and docked for shipping. (Labor and materials must be recovered in the event of cancellation.)



Prior written approval and RMA # must be obtained from Fullriver Battery USA before good(s) can be returned. The RMA# must be placed on the return pallet or package, and product must be returned in the same manner as originally shipped. The buyer is responsible for all freight and/or shipping costs associated with returning the product to its original location. The goods must be in intact packaging and must not have been opened. By intact packaging is meant resaleable packaging without pressure marks, without labels, without handwriting, or any other defacing of the good(s) Buyer may incur restocking fees that will be determined upon receipt of the good(s) after inspection. If the good(s) are received in poor condition the return may be outright rejected.



Though unfortunate, damage may occur during transit. Should this happen, the receiving party is responsible for inspection upon arrival, and finally determination if the potential damages are either acceptable or unacceptable.

In the event of an unacceptable amount of potential damage to the goods on the shipment, receiver/buyer should directly deny the shipment with the carrier/driver and immediately report to a Fullriver Battery USA representative. Severely damaged goods should never be accepted upon attempted delivery.

In the event there is only minor damage to a shipment/product, it is at the discretion of the of the buyer/receiver. Acceptance of ANY shipment is hereby formal acknowledgment that the buyer/receiver will receive and pay for the shipment/product in question. All risk of potential damage formally falls on the receiving party. It should be noted, minor, but acceptable damage, should be formally noted and written on the delivery paperwork, and signed by the driver as a form of acceptance and acknowledgement by the driver/carrier. Noting possible delivery damage on the delivery paperwork is always required and will help tremendously in the event of a damage claim being submitted.